About me

** Currently living in Ljubljana and working in Kucha **

My name is Klara and my spirit animal is a squirrel. Stains of flour and tomato sauce on my clothes at the end of a cooking day make me happy. I like to put on my backpack – which barely holds together because it has been on a lot of travels with me. In more than 45 countries to be exact. I like to help people so sometimes you can find me volunteering.

I get excited about the big cities and how big a visit to grandma can be. Long talks that make you forget about time excite me too. I try to put my training shoes on and do a good training as often as I can. I have Master’s degree in psychology. 

I have been in kitchen ♥ since I was little. Food is a very important part of my everyday. I strive towards healthy, local food. Prepared by Slovenian or foreign recipes. I like modesty but also abundance. I like vegetable smoothies but I go crazy (with joy) when I can spend whole day baking cupcakes and cake for special occasions. I doubt I will ever put a label on my way of eating. I stopped eating meat in spring 2017. Sometimes I will want to write something that is not directly connected with food. Those posts can be found in writings.

My point: I search for ways of how to eat healthy in this fast world. I read articles, I cook, I do research, I ask around, I make conversations. I’m far from knowing it all but I want to share parts of deliciousness and ideas with you. I am someone who believes in balance and that a lot of well-being comes from where? Yes, from a tummy.