Did you notice my skills could greatly contribute to your project? Do you want a cooking class but none of the offers are cool enough? Did my photos touch you deep in the heart and you want to become a one-day-model? 

Welcome, you came to the right page.



❈ Food photography for different use (social media, menus, …) 

❈ Weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, portraits, family photography, …

❈ Photography of longer or shorter trips (mountains, cities, foreign places, …) 

Food photography is my great love – just take a look on the blog. But I do admit it’s a bit difficult for me to take photos of food I cannot eat.

Considering the events I promise not to take photos of you while you eat. But the camera will be clicking for all the special moments – hugs, kisses, cheering, exchanged looks and good (or not) dance moves.  

I pictured trips photography like this. If you go to the nearby stream or to Paris – I will make you look like Beyonce on the photos. I follow you as a shadow and take care that precious memories stay with you for ever. 
From 50€ on

*Photography includes carefully selected and edited photographies, consideration of your personal wishes and the photos are sent to you in 3 working days. 


❈ Delicious cooking classes that teach you a thing or two about how to eat healthy in this fast world 

Hungry people are (including me) cranky. Let me show you how to operate with a knife, mix with a spatula and throw ingredients in a pot so it will smell as delicious as possible. I am opened for suggestions and ideas. 
From 10€/person on


❈ Cooperation with various projects 

Have you seen some video of me and thought “That’s the energy we need!”? On the photo above you can see I am waiting open-handed for your email. 
From 0€ on

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